Foods We Consume with Banned Ingredients

banned ingredients

The grocery store can be a challenge for moms and dads across America who are trying to lead their families down a healthier road. Requests for foods like Mac and Cheese, boxed pastas, and sports drinks can curl your hair when you take a step back and ask yourself if this food is good for you- and for your growing children. A quick stop at the “freshly cooked” rotisserie chicken section can add a side of arsenic to your dinner table. It is scary when we think about what we don’t know. Sometimes convenience and supposedly “healthy” can really mean toxic.  There are foods that we consume quite frequently, made with ingredients that are not only toxic to our bodies, but also have been banned by other countries. If you’re not reading the labels closely, you may be ingesting food additives that can cause allergies, hormone disruption, organ disorders and so much more. Read on for some of our family favorites that had to be replaced or removed from our table altogether!

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The Importance of Personal Development

personal development

Personal development is important not only for your health, but also for your career. I believe that doing 30 minutes of personal development a day (make a plan!) will allow you to be proactive, experience a richer and more rewarding life. Committing to personal development is your first step to your own fulfilment. Personal development can help you become self aware, give you a sense of direction, improve your focus, motivate you, give you confidence, and allow you to have better relationships. As you write down a personal development plan, think of each of these points as steps to a rewarding life.

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