Cheat Sheet: Paleo Drinks

paleo drinks cheat sheet

Although I’m not a big drinker (and living a Paleo lifestyle doesn’t really call for any alcohol), I don’t mind having a glass of something once in a while if I’m out with my girlfriends or my husband. However, there are limitations, given that Paleo doesn’t only call for no alcohol, it also calls for little to no sugar. So what’s a girl to do? For those of you who are also living the Paleo dream, here’s an awesome Drink Cheat Sheet from Paleo Girl’s Kitchen. I’m loving the blended options with fruits and veggies (even though I know those are non-alcoholic). What’s your favorite?

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Spring Forward with Easy Paleo Recipes

easy paleo recipes

Spring time is a great time to switch up your lunch and dinner recipes, now that seasonal ingredients such as asparagus, avocados, carrots, and zucchini are in. For the freshest ingredients, I like to stroll through the farmers markets nearby. You can usually tell what’s in season by the prices. Items that are out of season will be more expensive, while in-season fruits and veggies will be in surplus and on the cheaper end. So if you’re not near a farmers market, that’s usually how you can tell when shopping at your local grocery store. With that said, here are my favorite easy paleo recipes that are deliciously healthy and perfect for the spring!

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Crockpot Cooking: Benefits and Recipes

crockpot cooking recipes

When it comes to cooking, I’m all about healthy meals for myself and for my family. If I’m not out with my kids or husband, working or hitting the gym, then you can find me in the kitchen cooking. I love to use my crockpot to make a variety of recipes such as Chicken Salsa and Barbecue Chicken (I included both recipes at the end of this post). If you’re looking for a healthier way to cook besides a stove top or oven, I recommend a crockpot. I bought Food Network 6 Quart at Kohls, but they sell them everywhere, including Amazon. I use it at least once a week. Sure, slow cooking can take a few hours, but it has so many benefits! Plus, it gives you more time to focus on other things in the house like cleaning or a quick seven minute workout, catching up with a friend, or chatting on the phone with a client.

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My Daily Dose of Meditation

meditation benefits

Just like I love to work out, I love to meditate too. I try to do it daily, and have found it to be life changing.  Meditation has so many benefits—physical and mental. It’s a new development in my life, allowing me to be more patient, less stressed, more focused and free (spiritually speaking). It’s like going to the spa but for your mind. If you’re looking for a way to help gain more inner energy, lower your blood pressure, release negative energy and stress, then meditation may be your source for a healthier you. It takes time and practice, but after each session you’ll feel like a whole new person. Here’s what mediation can do for your physical and mental well being: The Physical Through meditation, your body experiences change and is embraced with energy called prana. As a result, you feel greater happiness, peace, and joy, which boosts your physical energy. This boost of energy can help: Reduce high blood pressure Decrease pain from headaches, ulcers, muscles and joints Help you sleep better and longer Increase the production of serotonin to make you feel happier Improve your immune system Increase your energy levels The Mental Through meditation, your brain also experiences change and is embraced with peaceful […]

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Why You Should Mix Up Your Fitness Routine


Working out is a whole commitment on it’s own, but a very fun and rewarding one! I love working out, the thrill it gives me, the natural endorphins that are released during and after, the energy, and of course, all of the health benefits. Over the past six months, I have been focusing on variety with my fitness routine, which is important if you’re looking to burn more calories, lose weight, and strengthen your muscles. “When you do the same activity all the time, your body gets used it and becomes very efficient. Eventually, that adaptation will mean that you burn fewer calories even when you’re doing the same amount of exercise,” says Dr. Arnold Lee, MD, a physician at One Medical. That’s not all, mixing your workout routine also has a lot of other benefits, which is what I’ll be covering today.

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Foods We Consume with Banned Ingredients

banned ingredients

The grocery store can be a challenge for moms and dads across America who are trying to lead their families down a healthier road. Requests for foods like Mac and Cheese, boxed pastas, and sports drinks can curl your hair when you take a step back and ask yourself if this food is good for you- and for your growing children. A quick stop at the “freshly cooked” rotisserie chicken section can add a side of arsenic to your dinner table. It is scary when we think about what we don’t know. Sometimes convenience and supposedly “healthy” can really mean toxic.  There are foods that we consume quite frequently, made with ingredients that are not only toxic to our bodies, but also have been banned by other countries. If you’re not reading the labels closely, you may be ingesting food additives that can cause allergies, hormone disruption, organ disorders and so much more. Read on for some of our family favorites that had to be replaced or removed from our table altogether!

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