Beautycounter Best-Sellers: Makeup and Skin Care

beautycounter best sellers

Beautycounter has the best of everything you need for your skin no matter your age or skin type—from face washes and cleansers, face masks, eye creams, and lotions, to award-winning mascara, lip sheer, bronzer, and eye shadows. But a few of these are, and have been, best sellers for years! So to make your shopping experience even better, I’ve compiled all the products that have made their way to the top, one of which has also won The Best of Beauty Award by Allure Magazine.

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Pick of the Week: Nourishing Cream Exfoliator

beautycounter exfoliator

Did you know as we head into our 40s and beyond, our cell regeneration slows down drastically, from 30 percent in our 20s to 50 percent in our 80s. Even the amount of collagen our skin has decreases by 1 percent each year. But even though our body’s ability to shed skin cells and generate new ones slows, it doesn’t mean that we should lose hope on looking young even as we age! If we don’t take care of our skin, old cells can pile up and leave our faces looking uneven, dull and dry, with clogged pores and excessive oil. That’s why exfoliation is so important!

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The Truth About Sun Damage and How to Keep Skin Safe

We love the sun, it’s a life necessity because without it the planet would get extremely cold and all living organisms would die. But just as much as humans and plants need the sun to live, the sun can also cause some serious damage to our health such as early signs of aging, sun spots, cancer (which accounts for 50% of all cancers in the U.S.), eye damage and more. Here are some important facts about the sun (and tanning) that you should be aware before you take another step outside.

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The 1-2 Punch for Beautiful Summer Skin

beautiful summer skin

Everyone dreams of beautiful summer skin, and finding the right products to make your body shine and glow without drying or irritating your skin just got easier. My 1-2 punch for beautiful summer skin is the combination of the Hydrating Body Lotion in Citrus Mimosa and the  Sugar Body Scrub in Lemongrass. These two beauties will remove dead skin cells, hydrate and smooth your body, leaving it with a healthy glow.

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The Ultimate Skin Care Summer Combo

summer glow

Looking for glowing skin this summer (and even all year round)? Then I have your ultimate skin care summer combo! The Glow Sugar Scrub, Hydrate Body Lotion and the Lustro Shimmer Oil from Beautycounter will keep your skin looking amazing. They also make an easy at-home pedicure! Here’s what I love about these three.

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Dark Circles and Eye Puffiness Be Gone!

best eye cream

We’re so busy these days that sometimes sleeping for seven to eight hours a day is something only a few can enjoy or remember! We’re running around taking our kids to school or practice, we’re shopping and running errands, and working to help support ourselves and our family. All that—combined with pollution, heredity, dust and lack of sleep—can create those darker tones and puffiness under your eyes. Which for me, is probably the area that really used to stress out my morning routine. My eye area was THAT area that I would do anything to change! To be a bit more specific, our eyes get puffy and dark because of gravity, which draws fluid to pool in areas where skin is thin. Not getting enough zzz’s will form dark circles, and lying down is what causes them to get puffy. But don’t worry, there is a product that can reduce the bulges and dark circles around your eyes, plus it helps diminish the appearance of fine lines. One application and you’ll be ready to conquer the day! It is my “go-to”…my “must never be without!”

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