Your “How To” for Back to School

As a kid, I loved summer—what’s better than spending your lazy days sleeping in, going to camp and heading on family trips? But just as I loved summer, I enjoyed going back to school as well—seeing my friends and learning new subjects were always the highlights. The one thing that I always found a bit hard was transitioning from lazy summer mode to hard working school mode in less than a week.

Now as a mom, it’s a completely different challenge. I used to find myself scrambling to get my kids together and ready for a new school year, but after years of doing the same routine, I’ve found ways to help myself (and my kids) have a smooth and stress-free transition, coupled with ways to have an effective, educational, safe, and fun school year. Here are some tips that I hope can help you as well!

  • Place your child’s back-to-school anxieties to rest. Just because your child is not an adult yet, doesn’t mean they don’t stress out as well. If your child has experienced some sort of meltdown due to an argument with a friend, a last-minute college application, or first day of school jitters, help them through by meditating, deep-breathing exercises, listening to music, and repeating soothing words. These can help you as well, so do them together!
  • Set them up on routines. A schedule really works, plus it will help them thrive in school and at home. For the younger kids, set up a time for homework, family dinner, playtime and bedtime. For the older ones, give them some time to rest (especially if they’re involved in a school sport), schedule family dinner, lay down a curfew so they don’t stay up too late watching T.V or playing games. Their studies should be priority!
  • Pack their lunches. You can’t trust the cafeteria food these days, so packing lunch with healthy options for your kids can keep them full and focused throughout the day. Better yet, pack lunches together! That way, you both can agree on a good meal that they will enjoy and you approve of them eating.
  • Teach your children about setting goals and celebrating their successes. Whether it’s getting straight A’s, making captain of the soccer team, or getting on the Honor Roll, it will help them stay focused and determined throughout the year.
  • Have a family night. Getting together as a family (at least once a week) is a great way to catch up and keep connected with each other.
  • Become a savvy back-to-school shopper. Make do with last year’s supply list. Most of those items are on repeat, so instead of throwing away those rulers, pens, pencils, erasers, and other supplies, send your kids off with these reusable items. Plus, you won’t be contributing to environmental waste! And instead of heading to your local Target or Walmart, check online for better deals and deeper discounts from places like Amazon and Ebates.
  • Schedule a doctor’s appointment before the first day. Your kids will be surrounded by other children indoors, so make sure you visit your family doctor to get checked-up and vaccinated for the upcoming cold and flu season.

What have you found helpful to get your kids back into school mode? Would love to hear your stories and tips below!


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