Beautiful Lip Sheer and Gloss for Mom and Daughter

best lip gloss and lip sheer

Summer is the time for outdoor fun, dresses, sandals, and embracing that sun-kissed glow (just make sure you don’t skip out on sunscreen). And nothing goes better with your radiant skin than some glossy lips and a big, beautiful smile. Lip gloss is always in, no matter if it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter. It gives your lips added shine and moisture that make them look ageless and fuller! But you and I are not the only ones who like to wear lip gloss and lipstick. Your teenage daughter probably does as well (I know mine does). So to make both of your lips look their best this summer, I recommend the Lip Sheer and Lip Gloss from Beautycounter. They are safe for you and your teenager, and come in a variety of shades that can be worn at your next meeting with a client, brunch with your family, happy hour with your best friend, or dinner with your special someone.

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Beautycounter’s Favorite Makeup for Teens

beautycounter makeup for teens

I absolutely love Beautycounter’s line of makeup (if you haven’t already guessed 😉 ), and so does my teenage daughter, Alli. Related: The Ultimate Skin Care Regimen Just for Teens With Beautycounter’s rigorous ingredient selection process, I feel comfortable knowing that the makeup Alli uses is safe and gentle on her skin. Plus, it’s quite versatile in a sense that it’s light enough for Alli to use; it doesn’t make her look old or overdone, and it can also be applied and layered for a sophisticated and bold look for women who are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond.

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Cheat Sheet: Paleo Drinks

paleo drinks cheat sheet

Although I’m not a big drinker (and living a Paleo lifestyle doesn’t really call for any alcohol), I don’t mind having a glass of something once in a while if I’m out with my girlfriends or my husband. However, there are limitations, given that Paleo doesn’t only call for no alcohol, it also calls for little to no sugar. So what’s a girl to do? For those of you who are also living the Paleo dream, here’s an awesome Drink Cheat Sheet from Paleo Girl’s Kitchen. I’m loving the blended options with fruits and veggies (even though I know those are non-alcoholic). What’s your favorite?

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How to Stay Motivated As You Build Up Your Business

Stay Motivated

Starting your own business is hard, however maintaining and growing it is much harder—but not impossible. Throughout your journey as an entrepreneur, you may have days when you’ll feeling less motivated because of the results you’re seeing, and that’s normal! But, you should never give up. In my line of business, I have found (from mentoring others) that staying motivated can be difficult at times, especially if you’re not selling enough, have family distractions, and/or are unable to build your own team of consultants. Many go through this at some point in their career, and finding what works best for you will require some trial and error. So what do you do in order to keep yourself constantly motivated? Here are several ways that can help you stay inspired and push you to keep moving forward as you build up your business.

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Beautycounter Best-Sellers: Makeup and Skin Care

beautycounter best sellers

Beautycounter has the best of everything you need for your skin no matter your age or skin type—from face washes and cleansers, face masks, eye creams, and lotions, to award-winning mascara, lip sheer, bronzer, and eye shadows. But a few of these are, and have been, best sellers for years! So to make your shopping experience even better, I’ve compiled all the products that have made their way to the top, one of which has also won The Best of Beauty Award by Allure Magazine.

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Spring Forward with Easy Paleo Recipes

easy paleo recipes

Spring time is a great time to switch up your lunch and dinner recipes, now that seasonal ingredients such as asparagus, avocados, carrots, and zucchini are in. For the freshest ingredients, I like to stroll through the farmers markets nearby. You can usually tell what’s in season by the prices. Items that are out of season will be more expensive, while in-season fruits and veggies will be in surplus and on the cheaper end. So if you’re not near a farmers market, that’s usually how you can tell when shopping at your local grocery store. With that said, here are my favorite easy paleo recipes that are deliciously healthy and perfect for the spring!

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Best Tools to Help Run Your Business

best business tools

Running your own business requires a lot of organization in order to make sure everything is working properly, and so that no task or meeting is missed. So to help you keep all your assignments, documents, emails, etc., in order, I’ve created a list of tools that I love to use to help run my business. If you have any other best business tools you love to use, please share them in the comments!

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Your “How To” for Back to School

As a kid, I loved summer—what’s better than spending your lazy days sleeping in, going to camp and heading on family trips? But just as I loved summer, I enjoyed going back to school as well—seeing my friends and learning new subjects were always the highlights. The one thing that I always found a bit hard was transitioning from lazy summer mode to hard working school mode in less than a week. Now as a mom, it’s a completely different challenge. I used to find myself scrambling to get my kids together and ready for a new school year, but after years of doing the same routine, I’ve found ways to help myself (and my kids) have a smooth and stress-free transition, coupled with ways to have an effective, educational, safe, and fun school year. Here are some tips that I hope can help you as well!

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Crockpot Cooking: Benefits and Recipes

crockpot cooking recipes

When it comes to cooking, I’m all about healthy meals for myself and for my family. If I’m not out with my kids or husband, working or hitting the gym, then you can find me in the kitchen cooking. I love to use my crockpot to make a variety of recipes such as Chicken Salsa and Barbecue Chicken (I included both recipes at the end of this post). If you’re looking for a healthier way to cook besides a stove top or oven, I recommend a crockpot. I bought Food Network 6 Quart at Kohls, but they sell them everywhere, including Amazon. I use it at least once a week. Sure, slow cooking can take a few hours, but it has so many benefits! Plus, it gives you more time to focus on other things in the house like cleaning or a quick seven minute workout, catching up with a friend, or chatting on the phone with a client.

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Pick of the Week: Nourishing Cream Exfoliator

beautycounter exfoliator

Did you know as we head into our 40s and beyond, our cell regeneration slows down drastically, from 30 percent in our 20s to 50 percent in our 80s. Even the amount of collagen our skin has decreases by 1 percent each year. But even though our body’s ability to shed skin cells and generate new ones slows, it doesn’t mean that we should lose hope on looking young even as we age! If we don’t take care of our skin, old cells can pile up and leave our faces looking uneven, dull and dry, with clogged pores and excessive oil. That’s why exfoliation is so important!

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